Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How About Some Nice Green Onions?

Well, what is this? Green onions. I was in the mood to watercolor and I went to the market in Weirton, WV and I was looking for some nice colorful vegetables or fruit to paint. Honestly, how I ended up with green onions I don't know. Maybe I ate the strawberries on the way home...
I like to play with watercolors and I insist upon good heavy paper. I paint my picture and then I destroy it when I am done. I do have just a few; these onions are one of them.
My friend has started taking oil painting classes and she painted an outstanding pear. I haven't tried oils before but just looking at her pear and thinking about art on paper or canvas has me thinking it is time to break out the watercolors again. I bet they are all dried up and I would need new ones. Maybe it's best to stick with the clay.
I do wish my friend would start a blog and put her creations on the blog so we could just hop on over and see what the other one is doing!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your onions...I think watercolor can be so beautiful..I find it very soothing. Well done my friend.

Angela said...

I tried oils once, although it does make beautiful works. It takes FOREVER to dry.
It would be wonderful if your friend had a blog. I would try to go and check it out if I could. :) I'm sorry if I have not been around lately. Having some personal issues etc. Anyway, wonderful post!