Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AS mUCh aS i KNoW aBOuT poTTeRY iN LAs vegAs

I visited Pottery West and fell in lust with it. I am ready to move, well, not right away. It WAS 112 deg. F for several days in a row while I was there...

The facilities look like a place I could grow to actually love. Amy Kline is the pretty young owner and when I called I think it was her mother that told me that, "No, there was no sign on the property due to zoning", which was why I couldn't find it the first time. She gave me excellent driving instructions and I just drove right in and wandered around. I met Tom, a fellow potter, blogger. He was loading the train kiln (see photo)! There are more kilns than I could shake a stick at! I photographed one of the kiln gods that was mounted up high; what a scary guy, huh?
My husband is amazed at the change of attitude I suddenly have toward Vegas life! Well, I compared it to him finding a golf course when he didn't think there were any and wouldn't he be just all giggly and smiling too?

There are lots of wheels, lots of kilns, lots of fun I think! I plan to use the pottery for a week next time I'm in town. It would be ideal to be able to go to one of the workshops there but that doesn't look like it will happen. :( In the meantime; in my head; I'm already there!

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Linda Fahey said...

OMG! that place looks like a good reason to go to LV. Seriously.

how exciting! and btw Sheila; you're blog is lookin' goooooood !!