Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Boring Weaving Warp

So, I am weaving the most boring piece of fabric. I wanted to put this chenille on my loom and just see what happened. Well, it is terribly boring. No interesting color or pattern. I couldn't figure out why I hated this so much and I didn't really want to think about it until I remembered a post by Life Looms Large (hi Sue) and she had to figure out something like this. It felt good to understand why I was in such misery. I don't know if I am a color or a structure person but without either one...yawn. I blamed the chenille and it was me...I made the color selections and the weaving pattern.

I am itching to understand how to use my book "The Handweaver's Pattern Directory" by Anne Dixon. There are over 600 weaving patterns for the 4 harness loom. Weaving challenges my visual perceptions...this book shows me just what the result looks like when woven properly. I have sort of given up on making myself a jacket for now. My calculation skills are stretched when trying to figure it all out.

I've been getting email notifications from this company and it intrigues me...wish I knew more about yarn weights, things like that. They have cashmere, is the price good? I don't know! what gorgeous colors they have!

Betty is going to live in Palm Springs. I haven't told her yet and I'm heart broken to part with her but I know the buyer is just as crazy for her as I am and she's going to a good home. M. (the new owner) knows about Betty's proclivities and still wants her. Sob. Maybe I'll get a bike for my hilly terrain...but what I really need is a kiln hooked up in Vegas so that's what the $$ will probably go toward. I had an electrician quote me nearly $1,000.00 for a hook up. Gah...

I've had quite a few people read and respond to my post about the problem I had with Best Brand They have had the same trouble. I have read them all and posted most of your responses but I am cautious about posting some of them...good luck to everyone; if I helped anyone, "YAY".

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Life Looms Large said...

Glad I'm not the only one who suffers when a warp is boring to me!! (Even though of course I wish you weren't suffering!)

I've heard good things about colourmart, but whew - cashmere is expensive. I've also heard of weavers going to thrift stores in search of cashmere and unraveling cashmere sweaters. No wonder!

Glad you found a good home for Betty! Hopefully next you'll find a reasonably priced electrician!!