Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Out on Bail

But seriously, that Go To Jail card could be the next one in the deck. I went to jail once when I worked for the Department of Commerce. It was census 2000 and I worked as the assistant office supervisor in the "Special Places". We counted everyone in hospitals, rehabs, group homes, fire stations (they thought we were crazy and they were right), NSOL, I think that was the acrynym standing for non-sheltered outdoor locations (we couldn't say homeless), shelters and prisons and jails.

I wanted to work for the census again because I had such a love/hate relationship with government work. I tested a year ago and scored a nice score but I guess I got too stupid for them in the last 10 years since they didn't rush to the phone to call me to work! I was called recently to see if I was still interested. I said yes but I'm not sure. My interest in the census started after doing genealogy and reading the old census reports, it seemed kind of romantic and patriotic. Not.

So, enough already. I miss whining and ranting here soI had to get back to it.
Ok, I have to say I do NOT like chenille (my weaving adventures turned ugly).

And the other thing is that I decided to link my Etsy shop to my blog even though I wanted it to stay pure in the beginning. Hey, things change.
The fun colorful pitcher is earthenware. Not sure if it's me or not...


Anonymous said...

I've just had an awkward experience with chenille too. Tricky stuff.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Love the red. Nice design.