Thursday, October 8, 2009

Las Vegas Ragnar Race

I told my daughter I'd keep her close to my heart tomorrow. If anyone else that isn't busy for a few minutes I hope you'll do the same! She amazes me more the older she gets, I am amazed at her wisdom and love and her smarts and NOW her intestinal fortitude! At age 40 she began doing short triathalons after sitting behind a desk or on the couch for all her life. Now she will be doing a Ragnar Relay Race tomorrow. OMG is all I can say. Lots of people do these but not my child. I am very happy for her and hope the race is a lot of fun. I don't "get it"; the race is dubbed Cereal Killers and they dress up goofy like breakfast cereal, don't ask me how, I don't get it. What I do "get" is that this race is a relay, thank goodness and it is 180 miles.
It was going to be really a great pot; it's ok but not what I was aiming for. I'll spare it the hammer-fate since it has its ok points...

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Life Looms Large said...

It's funny how when you're into something, it makes sense to you....but to outsiders maybe not. Hope your daughter has a great time with the relay!!!

The pot definitely has it's cool points - I had to enlarge it to really take a look!