Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let It Go and Freecycle

Over at LifeLoomsLarge there was a struggle with a cactus; ouch! The author ignited all kinds of little fires that we all deal with from time to time. Letting go of something whether it be a long time resident of my life or a newcomer can be painful. First I struggle with how to make it work until the light hits me; well, maybe it is time to let it go. I am using *let it go* rather than *get rid of* because it sounds so much kinder.

That's where Freecycle comes in! I learned one huge lesson from my experience on freecycle. Wonderful lesson. I met a gracious, generous, kind woman who gave me her loom on freecycle, it was folded up and against a wall but I couldn't get to it; there wasn't a pathway to it.

She loved to make things, I felt a connection with her and thought I could just stay with her all day and make things and talk about making things and then make some more things. But there wouldn't be room for me because the house was filled with craft supplies of various kinds. I could not even sit down anyplace. She offered me so many other things besides the loom, I came home with yarn, a swift, 2 shuttles and bobbins, a spool thingy, extra heddles. One wall had a gorgeous handmade unit filled with labeled boxes: jewelry supplies, etc., etc.

Quilting was her latest passion and she need more room....
I could go on and on here but I think I painted the picture. The Sabina loom had been her mothers loom, new in the 40's, her mother gave it to her and she used it for a long time. (Her mother just had laser eye surgery and can see once more and took up weaving again, she is over 90 years old.) Anyway, she showed me some of her weaving and it was very I knew the loom was functional! I think of her often as I struggle with Sabina.

You know, I've learned some pretty important lessons from weavers in the last few months...

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Life Looms Large said...

I love your freecycle post. It's good to spread the news about it!

My grandmother had trouble letting things go. After she died, my father inherited her house full of stuff, and moved his stuff there - so it was doubly full of stuff.

I try to keep that in mind and let go of things when they no longer fit my life. Even though it's sometimes hard!

I told a group of friends about freecycling my cactus....and one of them had never heard of freecycle. I was so happy when I saw that she listed something on our local group that was junk to her - and it was taken to a new home the next day. So cool!!

Your loom story is a great one!!