Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Raku Viking Ship

Raku Viking Ship
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The thing about art is that I never know where it will take me, it must be true of all artists if it's true for me. The ritual vessels incorporated boats because I loved the myriad of possible symbolisms.
Then along came this Viking ship, it's not finished, its still a work in progress. I need to make some shields, then it will be done. After that I think I'll make a really big one, a friend named Joan wants me to put her in it when she dies and push her out to sea aflame like a Viking (or in her case Celtic goddess). What a way to go, huh?
If I ever learn to weave I can weave a Viking sail and really go native, my grandfather, Peter Halstensen would be proud I'm sure! Wish I could have known him but my father was the last son, actually the 7th son and I am the last daughter of the 7th son. Anyway he died before I was born but the stories are that he liked to make everything himself....kind of like me!

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Anonymous said...

ROFL @ Joan the celtic goddess! It was great to see her the other day.
Isn't this a different ship than the one I saw the other day... maybe just a different angle... it is very cool and looks inviting!