Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three on a Match

I keep making these embarrassing mistakes, 3 in a row now so maybe I'm done. I offered someone one of my prize red fish and then realized that I showed the wrong picture, the other one is similar but not the same and they didn't want the other one. Is there a hole somewhere I can crawl into?
I blew up a piece in my kiln that another person was waiting for, it will take forever to get another one made and dry, it is so lousy cold and damp here. I should be in Summerlin at the pool, can't wait until Labor Day.
Oh, then I am a free-cycler too, and had some trellises I'll never use and offered them to a lady but didn't give her my address. DUH...what is going on?
One month a few years back I spent about a full day waiting for someone to come unlock my car on various days. I locked my keys in my car 3 times that month! I haven't locked my keys in my car previously for over 20 years and then, BAM, BAM, BAM.
I know I'll get over this I am just beating myself up for being so un-mindful and it's kind of scary too. Get it together, Sheila!

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