Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Prestigious Degrees Grant You the Legal Right to be called Doctor

So, I was wondering about the nature of faith and what not having faith must be like. I know that I am always going to be OK no matter what happens in life, that feels right and good to me, I rest in that faith. Then there are others I know that see life as a big fat struggle that they have to "soldier" through, just keep pulling themselves up by those bootstraps, they just hang in there and advise others to hang in there too. Not that I am against hanging in there!
Hmmm, so, if people without faith in anything beyond themselves think that life is great and this world is so great....worldworld, not that world within, if it's all just one big accident, then what makes it so great and why should anyone care about it? If it blows up tomorrow, oh, well, there will be another accident someday, won't there? If there isn't, who cares, it's all just random anyway. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around some things.
If you thought your child was going to die soon (even if that wasn't true) what kinds of things might you do? Would you call them and say I love you, I am praying for your peace, happiness and well being or would you advise them to hang in there?? Both?
I just finished reading the Mitch Ablom book, For One More Day. He writes a lot about death and what it's about for him. I guess it gives a person different ways of looking at it....I wonder was he a good son/father/person in his personal life? Are his books penance? I like reading them, well, I have just read 2 so I'm no expert...
Another thing I am wondering about is the term "Reverend". Who is a Reverend? Are they supposed to be Ph D's, or graduates of theological school? Or can it be just someone that is real holy and revered...
I started reading 3 Cups of Tea today and it's hard to not rush through it, I had to put it away for a while and wonder about "stuff".

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