Monday, March 3, 2008

Copper Green Stoneware Teapot

Who can make just one teapot? I had to do a series. Actually, I planned to make 10 or 20 before I found one acceptable. These aren't so bad but that decision may change in a few months. I really liked the first things I ever threw on the wheel and considered them worthy and looking at them now I cringe that I put my name on the bottom. What if they end up at Goodwill as they surely will and everyone in the world will think what a shame it is that clay should be so wasted on junk like this...until then I am happy with my efforts.
This is the third teapot I have ever made. The second one I assembled is being experimented on, it will have things glued onto it, THAT scares me and I'm the one doing it! Unfortunately there is no one to stop me now.

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