Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let The Minigama Begin!!!

MyMinigama 002
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Yesterday I started to make my minigama. It will be a little wood (or charcoal) fired kiln; big enough for just one sake cup. I think a sake cup must be the size of a wine goblet. I purchased a book that was translated from Japanese to English by a nice Japanese person that I think speaks English as a second language. But I have always had trouble following directions anyway. Thank goodness the pictures that have been drawn explain it - well, most of it.
The book begins by letting me know right away that the dimensions are approximate; whew for that!!! I am wondering if the firebox area is going to be too big - will the fire draw properly......
This clay I am using is amazing, I am not dainty and it just loves me back anyway. I don't remember how to spell it but it is something like Tokie Raku Sculpture Clay from Leslie Ceramics in Berkeley. Tiffany Schmerier said it would be the best clay for what I am attempting. Er, not attempting - what I am making (who was that power of positive thinking guy?).


Bert R. said...

Hi Sheila:

I have a copy of Mr. Yoshida's book also, but I haven't tried to make a minigama yet. I'll be watching your blog, I'll be interested if you post more progress reports on your minigama!

a potter in Florida

sheilabythebeach said...

Hi Bert,
Glad to share my experience; hope it turns out ok!!!!